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Longing for elegance? A lovely heart-shaped ring will look perfect on your ring finger, like an invitation to splurge with crystal jewels. At Les Néréides, La Diamantine collection offers a choice of colorful You and I rings and solitaires, ranging from grenadine red to citrine yellow. Drawing its inspiration from Nature and the animal kingdom, Les Néréides brand promotes charms and poetry on its cat ring of flower ring pieces, which can be worn on a daily basis to enliven a white shirt or a sailor stripe jersey. To bring light to a sleek outfit, a refined golden costume jewelry ring will combine sophistication and simplicity. True fashionista? If you follow the trends closely you will certainly find here the signet ring made for you on our online costume jewelry shop Les Néréides.

How to resize a ring ?

Have you been given a ring that is too big ? To be able to wear your ring that is too large or your gemstone ring that is too big, you can ask for a professional sizing. La Maison Les Néréides offers high-end costume jewellery rings that come in different sizes or are asjustable, so remember to check your finger size before ordering.  

How to remove a ring ? 

You can't remove that ring you like so much once it's on your finger ? If it is too small or your finger is swollen, use a little soapy water to slide the ring off your finger. Remember to dry the jewel well with a soft cloth so that the soap does not alter the plating of your ring. If the problem is frequent, ask for an adjustment of your favourite ring, or choose a larger ring size.