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Earrings can change your look faster than it takes to put on a hoop earring. To re-enchant a street attire or to overplay a classic look, nothing does it better than pearl earrings. To bring light to your face, the answer is a golden costume jewelry pair of earrings. For a good shot of fashion do not hesitate and dare opt for the hoop earrings. Last but not least, the cat earrings will woo the child inside you. No matter what you are longing for, Les Néréides has that unique pair of earrings made for you!

How to store your earrings ?

Most women wear earrings regularly, in order to find them easily and keep them in good condition it is important to store them in a box or on a velvet tray. Studs and earcuffs can be stored in a separate box, while dangling earrings or hoop earrings can be laid flat to make them easier to take hold off, leaving a slight gap so that the earrings don't touch.

How to clean earrings ?

It is essential to clean your errings regularly to prevent your jewellery from getting damaged. Depending on the finish of your erraings, whether they are gold-plated, enamel or stone, use a small soft brush and a felt cloth to clean them. It is absolutely necessary to avoid water and cosmétics to maintain the shine of your earrings. 

How long should i keep the surgical steel earrings ?

Temporary earrings were placed on your lobes at the time of percing, from that point on it is important to follow the healing time indicated by your piercer before wearing other earrings. The duration is not the same on the earlobe and the cartilage. In general it takes 6 weeks for a lobe piercing and up to 6 months for a conch one. You should Then continue to wear earrings regularly to prevent the piercing holes from closing up. It is best to start with light earrings to avoid distorting the hole.