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For those who are looking for a unique necklace, you will be seduced by a statement necklace bursting with style, such as the large three-row necklace from the Diamantine collection, the pearl and shell necklaces or the opulent flowers from Symphonie des Fleurs. For a discreet dose of fantasy, a Diamantine cut glass heart pendant matched with a costume jewellery bracelet, ring or earrings from the same collection, a long necklace from the Potager de Versailles collection, a silver necklace or a medallion engraved with a sign of the zodiac will tastefully dress you up. Statement necklaces, butterfly necklaces, flower necklaces, cat necklaces and fine strawberry necklaces are also featured in the costume jewellery collections of La Maison Les Néréides for a style that is both poetic and feminine.

How to untangle a necklace? 

It is common to find a small knot on the chain of your favourite necklace, indeed the thinner the chain the more the links tend to get tangled. The trick to untangling this knot is simple, just use two needles or safety pins. Place your two needles in the centre of the knot and gently spread the needles outwards. Once the knot has widened a little, you can untie it with your fingers.

How to store your necklaces ?

Whether it is a choker, a long necklace or a pendant necklace, it is important to store your jewellery correctly to preserve its shine, here are some tips on how to do so. Place the necklace flat on a jewellery box or use a suitable accessory with hooks to hang it. When travelling, a single pouch per necklace will prevent the chains from getting tangled.