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In the collection Walk of the Queen, a faceted crystal stone with holographic reflections welcomes opulent flowers. This one-of-a-kind statement ring, with ultra feminine flair, will certainly enliven gracefully your blouses and white shirts. For even more impact, why not wear it with the lucky bangle. In the collection A Stranger Garden, a blue gold ring, adorned with mushrooms and marine plants invites you into daydreaming. A distinct costume jewelry ring is ideal with denim and an evening gown alike. The cocktail ring can also take a tangent into the animal kingdom: ring adorned with a fawn (collection In the Meadow), cat ring or bird ring, a menagerie invites itself on your fingers to create a “back-in-time” look extremely feminine and elegant.

What does "cocktail ring" mean ?

A cocktail ring is a ring that is bigger than ordinary rings and is often set with a large stone or hand-enamelled embossed elements. The cocktail ring is a trendy item that can be worn during the day to make a fashion statement or at a cocktail party, hence its name.