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Worn with elegance and sophistication, the costume jewelry earrings displays the ideal touch of glamorous charm to an evening gown. If you are not yet a fan of dangling earrings, or dormeuses earrings, you can get acquainted thanks to a vast array of clip-on earrings user-friendly and easy to wear and which you can discover in the various collections of La Maison Les Néréides. All you have to do is to clip them onto you lobe and there you go: the elegance is now available to all the women, whether their ears are pierced or not.

How to loosen clip-on earrings ?

Sometimes the clip on the back of the earring is too tight and hurts the ear, in this case you can come directly to a Les Néréides boutique to have the clasp loosened with pliers by one of our sales assistants. For online purchases, after contacting customer service, a return slip will be sent to you so that we can work on the clip earring or exchange it if necessary. 

How to wear clip-on earrings ?

This age-old style of earrings is still popular with women and is now available in modern, elegant styles. A clip is placed behind the earring to hold it in place, so that the earlobe is maintained and the earring does not slip. the positioning of the earrings is important, depending on the design, so make sure you put the earring in a vertical or horizontal position.