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The collection La Diamantine offers a vast array of dangling earrings: these jewels made of rhinestones are available in a delicate panel of colors, ranging from soft pink to citrine yellow and going through radiant crystal clear colors. In a very large dangling version with cascades of stones or as dormeuses earrings adorned with a solo stone, this is the ultimate sophistication and they can be worn for all occasions, either to up-dress denim or add the final touch to an evening gown. The other collections of La Maison Les Néréides are not to be left unknown and they will too answer your wished with poetry: a little bird is swinging from your ear, flowers with vibrant colors adorn your lobes, the costume jewelry earrings with ballerinas are entering into a graceful Pas de Deux.

How to wear dangling earrings ? 

Dangling earrings have different lenghts depending on the design, whether the piece is small or large, it will hang down the neck. Wearing these earrings elongates the face and adds a touch of style to your blouses or turtlenecks. Dangling earrings are best worn with hair up to highlight them. Dangling earrings are made for girls and women who dare to wear a remarkable piece of jewellery.