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Figurative or classic, this distinct bracelet is a masterpiece of La Maison Les Néréides. Whether it is made of brass gilded with fine gold 14K hammered gently or adorned with multiple inspiring figurines, discover the bangle by Les Néréides. For a low-key gold bracelet, discover the collection of lucky bracelets, adorned with symbols of spirituality. With them, dare to play and create a cuff bracelet effect: the bangle likes add-ons and when piling-up two, three or five of these costume jewelry bracelets you can reveal you fashion spirit. For a bold and unique look, pick a cuff bracelet adorned with lush flowers: proposed in several collections of La Maison Les Néréides, this strong piece is the epitome of costume jewelry bracelets. Easier to wear than you may think, we like it along side with the simple combo denim shorts+white shirt, or more trendy with a solid color long pleated skirt and a fitted sweater.

How to adjust a bangle bracelet ?

The definition of a bangle bracelet is a rigid bracelet that is put on by the wrist. Most bangles are open, which allows them to be adjusted to your wrist, but be careful not to spread them too far apart. Some bangles can also be closed and come in two sizes, small and large. 

How to open a bangle bracelet ? 

A bangle bracelet from Les Néréides is designed to be easily adjusted to the size of your wrist, you can tighten and loosen your bracelet with a simple pressure of your fingers. In order not to damage your bangle and to keep it in good condition for as long as possible, we advise you to avoid making too many adjustments. 

How to wear a bangle bracelet ? 

The benefit of a bangle bracelet is that it comes in a wide range of styles, you can choose to wear an adjustable bangle, an open bangle to slip on your wrist or a cuff bangle. These different models are worn alone or stacked, feel free to choose bangles with various finishes, gold, silver or enamel to accessorise your outfits.