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Whether it features one or several strings, this original necklace will always bring character and sophistication to your looks. With a printed top, opt for the minimalist costume jewelry long necklace and choose for instance the pendant necklace La Diamantine and its solitaire stone of color. If you are wearing a solid color outfit, plays with contrasts with a variety of colors and do not fear the statement made by a big necklace. This costume jewelry piece is a big part of Les Néréides collections and its distinct appeal is key to add character. In the floral collections, this is the statement necklace of choice.

How to choose a long necklace ?

A classic piece of costume jewellery, a "sautoir" is a long necklace embellished with stones, pendants or motifs. Its chic and refined style embodies French elegance and is now available in many styles. Choose according to the style and preferences of the person, thin or thick, the necklace defines the silhouette of the wearer. Is the necklace too long ? It is perfectly acceptable to wrap it several times around the neck. 

How to wear a long necklace ?

Long necklaces are back this year among the jewellery trends to adopt and are suitable to all women, whether they are tall or short. For those who want to lengthen their figure, it will be perfect to wear alone or layered with necklaces of different lenghts. In winter it can be worn with a thin jumper or a turtleneck, while in summer the necklace will elegantly highlight the neckline.