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The three-row stone necklace is the perfect statement piece within the Diamantine collection. Available in a wide range of colours (from red to clear to soft pink), this large, costume jewellery necklace with a luxurious feel can be worn in two different ways : with an elegant dress, accentuating the dormal aspect, with a t-shirt, shifting an overly simple outfit with the rigt amount of extrvagance. At Les Néréides, the statement necklace can also have a more creative look : cat necklace, flower necklace or butterfly necklace, endearing or dreamy scenes adorn this unique necklace, which encourages all kinds of artictic ideas.

What to wear with a statement necklace ?

A statement necklace is an essential jewellery accessory that instantly dresses up an outfit. This fancy jewel for women can be worn in an elegant way on a neutral outfit with plain colours. From a fine knit jumper to a blazer, as well as a simple white t-shirt, the key is to make the whole look harmonious by selecting a necklace with refined details that will give you a romantic, retro or boho-chic style.