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Thin Bracelets

White Flower And Blue Buds Bracelet
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Combining amazing coral shapes with exotic flowers, this garden set in the dividing line between reality and fantasy, unfolds an array of vibrant enamels with metallic hints, heightened with rhinestones, faceted crystals and pearls. The astonishing colors in this collection flaunt on dangling earrings, bunches of fuchsia and corals, or on dormouse earrings with mysterious orchids. A bangle seems to reunite the earth and sea, combination of algae’s and tropical flowers. Last but not least, collar necklaces looking like fluorescent aquarium decors captivate with their surreal compositions. A signet ring made with faceted stone reminds the blue lagoons of far away and even alien islands. This is the costume jewelry collection that will make you travel to far, far away grounds…