L'histoire de la marque
Just Married
It was Belgian love at first sight for Pascale and Enzo, when they caught each other’s eyes as teenagers at the Academy des Beaux-Arts. She was from three generations of artists including a grandfather who was friends with Magritte. He had grown up in the heart of a large Italian anti-conformist family. This fusion of two universes, of two passionate photographers took place outside a town hall in the mid 1970s. The young newly weds were keen to satiate their thirst for idealism by bringing their dream and ambition to life.
The Beginning
They drove Enzo’s BMW 750 down to the Côte d’Azur where their lucky star led them to Nice and the perfect venue for a shop. Together they decided to design costume jewelry. Sheer determination did the rest. They moved into town, decorated the shop and immediately started working on their distinct taste for imaginative jewelry. On April 14th 1980 the first Néréides boutique opened and on that day success walked through their door.
The Family
Three of their four children, Nina, Pier-Paolo and Bianca have now joined the company. Valentina the youngest studies jewelry design and should join the company in some years. They just love working together.
The wild and fanciful universe of Les Néréides has always found its inspiration in travelling. Collectors and passionate jewelry amateurs, the two designers have gazed admiringly at stands across the world. From the ephemeral markets of India, the garage sales in New York and the vendors at Waterloo, Clignancourt,Vanves and Thailand, Pascale and Enzo brought back treasures from every one of their journeys. Old dolls, night lights, statues, vintage jewelry, paintings, knick knacks and novelties with emotional value all nourished the thriving imaginations of the designers and inspired their collections.
Draw Me a Mermaid
In Greek mythology, the Néréides were the sea nymph daughters of Nereus, the Old Man of the Sea. It was a premonitory name chosen by Pascale’s grandfather when they created the logo. When there are fifty of them, the Néréides have the power to reinvent themselves.
Unique Jewelry
Les Néréides creations are an incarnation of French refinement with a keen eye for detail. The pure lines, harmonious colors, choice of materials are the fruit of a meticulous work. The jewelry is all handmade and hand painted in their workshops. Each piece is unique. Wishing to align tradition with modernity the house has demonstrated technical curiosity accompanied by a permanent quest for innovation.
An International Brand
With its boutiques, fanchisees and numerous points of sales worldwide, Les Néréides has now become an international brand and arrives now in the US for the pleasure of the Amaddeo family hopes that American women will enjoy their creations.
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