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3-Intellectual Property

NEREIDES DISTRIBUTION is the owner of LES NEREIDES series trademarks and in particularly registered trademarks and  . Aforementioned, together with all our trademarks, brand names, designs, drawings, images, texts, logos, copyrights, as well as all other information on this website or our promotional materials, are exclusive intellectual property rights of NEREIDES DISTRIBUTION.

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The extraordinary design of our products and the trust of consumers are the cornerstone of NEREIDES DISTRIBUTION’s success. We highly value our intellectual property and have zero tolerance for its infringement. Any unauthorized use of our intellectual property will have serious legal implications. Should you wish to use any of our rights, information materials or elements of our website, you should obtain our previous written consent.

Genuine NEREIDES DISTRIBUTION products can be purchased in our shops, through our website www.lesnereides.com, or through any of our authorized distributors. In case you are offered a counterfeit of our products in China, please help us eliminate the infringement by informing our Chinese IP team on the email [email protected], phone: 010-8446 4788 or the below address:

Room 2608, the 26th Floor,
No. 9, Dongsanhuan Middle Road,
Chaoyang District, Beijing

知识产权声明 妮俪得有限公司是LES NEREIDES系列商标,尤其是注册商标 ” ”, ” ”和 ” ” 的所有者。前述商标,连同我们所有的其他商标、品牌名称、设计、图纸、图像、文本、标识、版权以及本网站或我们的宣传材料上的所有其他信息都属于妮俪得有限公司的专有知识产权。



真正的妮俪得有限公司产品可以通过我们的商店、通过我们的网站www.lesnereides.com或通过我们授权的任何经销商购买。如果您在中国被提供了我们产品的仿冒品,请通过电子邮件 [email protected]、电话:010-8446 4788或以下地址联系我们的中国知识产权团队帮助我们消除侵权:


4- Liability

Les Néréides endeavors to ensure the reliability, the accuracy and the up-date of the information available on the Site, however, Les Néréides does not guarantee the preciseness or the comprehensiveness of the information available on the site; and more broadly for all the damages, direct or incidental, no matter what their cause may be, origin, nature or consequences, resulting from the access of anyone on the Site or the impossibility to access, as well as the access and use of the site and/or the credit granted to any information originating from this site.

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