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Patchouli Scented Candle Big Size 175g

Ref: BOUGIE-175G/4
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The "Patchouli Précieux" (Precious Patchouli) candle diffuses a rich and powerful scent which Les Néréides softens with citruses, cedarwood, sandalwood and a touch of vanilla. Classic in our ranges, this timless and sensual fragrance takes you on an enchanting journey to Eastern countries. You will make the most of it as long as you follow user-friendly pratices. For instance when you blow out the candle make sure the wick is standing and centered. Before ligthing up the candle again, when the wax is cold, cut delicately the wick with sharp scissors to only allow half a centimeter to emerge. Do not leave into a current of air, nor on a glass or marble surface. By following these simple steps, your candle can last about 60 hours. Keep our of reach of children.

Livraison rapide par Colissimo 48h-72h et retour gratuit.