Patchouli Antique

Patchouli Antique

Patchouli Antique

Discover Patchouli Antique, the re-issue of the very first fragrance of the Brand. True to the original version yet revisited, this woody oriental will mesmerize your senses.


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Patchouli Antique Fragrance...


Patchouli Antique Fragrance 100ml
Price £80.00
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Pink Stones Row Luxurious...

Thin Bracelets

Pink Stones Row Luxurious La Diamantine Thin Bracelet
Price £135.00
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Discover the manufacturing secrets
of La Maison Les Néréides.

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Bienvenue chez les néréides paris

Imagined in the heart of the Parisian workshop of the company, the original designs of Les Néréides costume jewelry reveal a true know-how with French style inherited from the finest high-end jewelry. Discover their manufacturing secrets.

Jewels are like music, there are so many notes, the soul is the piano with many strings, The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key to another to cause vibrations in the soul— Vassily Kandinsky


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