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Patchouli Antique fragrance 100mL
Sold outPas de Velours fragrance 100mL
Pas de Velours fragrance 100mL Sale price80,00 €
Étoile d'Oranger fragrance 100mL
Baie de Cassis fragrance 100mLBaie de Cassis fragrance 100mL
Baie de Cassis fragrance 100mL Sale price80,00 €
Sold outPatchouli Antique fragrance 30mL
Sold outRue Paradis fragrance 30mL
Rue Paradis fragrance 30mL Sale price50,00 €
Baie de Cassis fragrance 30mL
Baie de Cassis fragrance 30mL Sale price50,00 €
Patchouli Antique Travel Spray 10mL
Pas de Velours Travel Spray 10mL
Rue Paradis Travel Spray 10mL
Rue Paradis Travel Spray 10mL Sale price20,00 €
Étoile d'Oranger Travel Spray 10mL
Baie de Cassis Travel Spray 10mL
Precious Patchouli Scented Candle
Sold outPerfume discovery box (french version)
Sold outRue Paradis fragrance 100mLRue Paradis fragrance 100mL
Rue Paradis fragrance 100mL Sale price80,00 €
Pas de Velours fragrance 30mL
Pas de Velours fragrance 30mL Sale price50,00 €
Sold outÉtoile d'Oranger fragrance 30mL
EDP-SOAP/18 Sale price25,00 €
40 years after its creation and the success of its cult perfume, Patchouli Antique, Maison Les Néréides launches its new collection of perfumes with vegetal notes, both sweet and captivating. An invitation to experience moments of emotion and well-being.

Discover the captivating scents designed by the creators of La Maison Les Néréides. The perfumes and candles from the costume jewelry brand will add fresh, floral notes as well as patchouli perfume notes to your environment. These fragrances will also take you on a journey into the magical and dreamlike universe of La Maison’s enchanting jewelry. Read more


La Diamantine
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Pas de deux
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Bountiful Woods
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Blazing Nature
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