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Imaginary flowers


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Anemone flower post earringsAnemone flower post earrings
Anemone flower post earrings Sale price130,00 €
Wild rose post earringsWild rose post earrings
Wild rose post earrings Sale price125,00 €
Imaginary flower and crystal post earringsImaginary flower and crystal post earrings
Cosmos flower pendant necklaceCosmos flower pendant necklace
Cosmos flower pendant necklace Sale price140,00 €
Flower bouquet post earringsFlower bouquet post earrings
Flower bouquet post earrings Sale price170,00 €
Sunflower post earrings
Sunflower post earrings Sale price90,00 €
Purple coneflower sleeper earrings
Anemone flower and crystal adjustable ringAnemone flower and crystal adjustable ring
Purple coneflower adjustable ringPurple coneflower adjustable ring
Anemone flower and crystal fine braceletAnemone flower and crystal fine bracelet
Purple coneflower pendant necklacePurple coneflower pendant necklace
Flower bouquet statement necklaceFlower bouquet statement necklace
Wild rose pendant necklaceWild rose pendant necklace
Wild rose pendant necklace Sale price130,00 €
Anemone flower pendant necklace
Anemone flower pendant necklace Sale price110,00 €
Sold outCosmos flower broochCosmos flower brooch
Cosmos flower brooch Sale price110,00 €
Imaginary flower and crystal sleeper earringsImaginary flower and crystal sleeper earrings
Flower bouquet cuff braceletFlower bouquet cuff bracelet
Flower bouquet cuff bracelet Sale price220,00 €
Cosmos flower fine braceletCosmos flower fine bracelet
Cosmos flower fine bracelet Sale price100,00 €
Discover the new Fleurs Imaginaire collection of costume jewellery by La Maison Les Néréides. Each piece of jewellery is an artistic exploration, combining vibrant colours and delicate shapes to bring to life flowers found nowhere else With the Fleurs Imaginaires Collection, we invite you to discover a world where floral creativity takes flight, adding a touch of originality and sparkle to your jewellery. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of cosmos flower stem earrings, these exceptional flowers that captivate the eye. Read more


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